Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Enjoying", chocolate and I know Superman

When did my little girl get to be so big?

I realized today that I have not being living by the words I have shared with so many other people. I remember sharing my thoughts of "Enjoying" life with Raffaela and RoseAngela while visiting with them in Imola a few months back. Well, sadly, last week and the few days of this week that have passed have been filled with other thoughts- not "enjoying". I have been focused on the little to no sleep we've been having because Taryn is getting not only her premolars but molars as well and the little cold that popped up too. I have been stressing a bit about the upcoming move (flights, packing, time change affect, starting in a new place again etc...) and I have forgotten to "Enjoy." There have been plenty of happy moments in the past week that have broken through, made us laugh, and helped me to focus on the good things. But I need to remind myself that though things can be hard in life, sometimes, it's ok to laugh and enjoy even the hard things.

Tyson is in the midst of finals and needs every wink of sleep he can get. So Taryn and I resort to things like me trying to sleep in a chair in the kitchen while holding Taryn who cries and cries. Last night I tried to think how this would look to someone else and I started laughing as I fumbled with a pillow and blanket and I fussy twisting baby. It was hilarious. Go ahead and think I'm crazy but I've actually crawled into Taryn's gigantic pac-n-play with her to try to get some sleep and also comfort Taryn (yes- I am that desperate for sleep- and the pac-n-play is really HUGE!!) I told Tyson that next year during finals, Taryn & I will be packing up and heading across the country to be with family so he can focus on finals, our neighbors can sleep and be ready for their finals, and so we can all get some shut eye. I think it's a grand idea.

Today I wanted to start "Enjoying" this time because it's going by all to quickly. Taryn and I headed to the store to pick up a treat and went to the little piazza by our house. We walked around, blew bubbles (a favorite- can you tell?), and shared some chocolate. We loved every minute. To avoid a melt down (those are all to common these days) I put Taryn in the stroller standing up (holding on to her of course) and she loved the short ride back to our apartment saying "Choo- choo" like a train. I smiled as we passed our friends and said a quick hello because Taryn started crying so hard. Let me explain- instead of thinking, "Oh- not again! No more tears today!" I instantly thought, "It's so cute that Taryn loves her little friend so much!" as I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way home sobbing. 

After a quick lunch we set out again to see the Museo Internazionale e Bibloteca della Musica before naps. I am really glad to we ventured out there and that it was a small museum so it worked with our time constraint.

 Tyson. He's Superman. Really. Through all of the sleepless nights, he still pushes through spending hours and hours at the school library preparing for finals. He is my role model. He has such a great attitude about life and helps me so much, even if it means taking a turn trying to calm Taryn down . He has that magic Daddy touch that I can't even come close too- and I don't want to. Because that's a little special bond that only he and Taryn share.

With the words of encouragement running through my head from friends and family this past week, a personal goal to pursue "Enjoying" even during hard times, and fueling myself with a little chocolate, I realize more and more that happiness is a choice. And I like to smile.

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