Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little toes, little paint and understanding a bit more

 Friday morning, Taryn let me paint her toe nails. She was very good to not touch it and took her hand away from her cute little toes when I told her she had to wait until the paint dried. She loves her painted toes and touches them like they are the coolest thing ever. I told Taryn to "show Daddy" and she was so happy. And Daddy thought it was the cutest thing ever.
It may be funny, but I was so excited that she has reached this point where she can sit still and let me paint her toes nails, or do other things, and be totally fascinated by it. (except clipping her nails, she still likes to wiggle or grab the clippers)

Brushing her teeth is apparently really fun when using mommy & daddy's brushes. It may be gross, but I don't care.

I found the culprit, or really, culprits of our week long sleepless nights. This girl is teething full swing again and yesterday I spotted her top morals, or premorals-( I really can't tell) . We knew she was teething but hadn't seen the proof until yesterday. Why is teething so incredibly difficult, at least for my TarBear. There is no comforting this one who hyperventilates at night and it breaks my heart. I also get frustrated because Tyson (and all the other students who live behind our paper thin walls) are in crunch mode for school so it means no crying it out for longer than 15 min (even that seems like an eternity at 2 am) because I know everyone is at their breaking point. One thing like sleep disturbance can send someone over the edge.

So I'm learning what comforts my babe this time around (playing with her hair, chewing on keys, books) and I'm getting better and better at being patient with this whole routine, that I know won't last long. And I may have broken every rule in the mommy book by letting Taryn sleep in our bed but at the same time everyone has their own unique situations and getting sleep is a high priority of mine. If that means co- sleeping, then I am willing to break my rule in order for Tyson & I  to be able to function the next day. We've been taking things very slowly during the day, using ibuprofene, and trying to fight  the daily grumpiness.

It's been a little over a week now and things are slowly getting better. Last night she slept for her longest stretch of time (and in her crib too!) - woohoo!- Is it funny that I woke up several times wondering is she was ok because she wasn't screaming? Oh boy!

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  1. cute little painted toes!! precious!

    when it comes to teething you do what ya got to do. :)