Monday, May 21, 2012

Earthquake "Terremoto"

Early Sunday morning while I was dreaming I remember seeing an old Italian women holding a newspaper and then she started to shake. It only took me a few seconds to realize that what was happening in my dream was an earthquake. And when I woke up from my dream at 4am, everything was shaking around me. I turned to Tyson and shook him awake saying "Tyson Tyson Tyson! It's an earthquake! Can you feel it?" It was silent for a few seconds as we lay there feeling the earth move, hearing our cupboards shake, and feeling that unexplainable pressure that comes from earthquakes. Maybe it's a mixture of fear and whatever happens in the air but Tyson and I later talked about how those brief moments during a earthquake everything around you becomes dense. Even after growing up in California and experiencing lots of earthquakes, I still get very scared with each one.

We immediately thought of Taryn who was sleeping in our kitchen. When I went to go check on her, she was fast asleep. I remember seeing both of our kitchen lamps swinging back and forth which was so creepy.  Later that morning we told each other what we had thought of the earthquake as we lay back in bed, trying to fall asleep. It's interesting to be living in a very very old city where things aren't built to a certain regulation. But yet, lots of things still survive after many years. Tyson wondered if there would be any damage in the city, or in front of our apartment and I worried about our stairs in the apartment being there the next morning. Maybe a little silly but you never know what disturbances can cause- plus- it was 4am- no on thinks clearly at 4am!

We thought it was so strange that the night Taryn slept through the night, there was reason for her to wake up! Tyson told me if I hadn't shook him, he would have slept right through it also.

When we woke up for the day, we found out that the earthquake had been of a 6.0 magnitude.We were sad to see the damages of the nearby towns and to hear of the deaths.

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