Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I'm thankful for friends

Last night Taryn fell and bit through her lip. At first I only saw the blood in her mouth but while Taryn was screaming I saw two little blood drops just below her bottom lip. She had bit all the way through. I panicked because I couldn't see how large the holes were and all I could think of was the words my nurse friend Julie had just told me a few days earlier:

"No stitches are needed for mouth wounds unless they break through the skin to the other side."

Oh no.

I grabbed my phone and held my screaming baby while blood dropped onto her shirt and my arm. I called Julie and tried to tell her what happened, all the while trying to calm Taryn down and see how big the holes were. I was so scared. Tyson had taken a final that day and was going to be at school until late that night studying for the final he had the next day. We only have one cell phone that I carry with me so I had no way of reaching him.  I was all by myself to make a judgement of stitches or no stitches.

Panicky moms shouldn't make these decisions by themselves

Luckily my neighbor had just messaged me on g-chat so I knew she was home. My heart was racing as I headed two doors down to have her take a look. Taryn had calmed down and we both decided that stitches weren't possible because the holes were so small. It took awhile before both of us were completely calm again and luckily Taryn gobbled up her dinner with no problem. Taryn fell right asleep at bed time and this morning her bottom lip was a little swollen and the two holes below her lip are already closing up a bit. I can't believe how good Taryn is being- I can't imagine how much that would hurt!

I am so grateful for friends who are there to help me. Thanks, Julie & Paige, for making the situation easier to handle.

A little bath while skyping with Aunt Mackenzie made things a little better.

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  1. THAT'S RIGHT! skyping with aunt mackenzie ALWAYS makes things feel better! :) i love little tear bear. your a great mom, p.s. i felt like i left and while i was gone you had so many live adventures. moved to italy, had a beautiful baby, got super hot. haha you were alwayys hot, but maybe its bc i havent seen you in two years that you look all bran new and gorgeous to me. LOVE YOU.