Thursday, May 24, 2012



 Basilica di San Vitale

 Dante's Tomb

We made our way to Ravenna today and had so much fun. Ravenna was a perfect little day trip and the city is very easy to navigate. We were amazed with the mosaics and the simple beach feel of the city. It was a hot and humid day but we were in a lot of churches so we were able to keep cool. 

Mosaics  are everywhere- even street signs! The colors used in the tiny tiles- as big as your fingernails- are so beautiful. I saw some stunning teals and corals and couldn't believe how vibrant they are still. We couldn't fathom how much work it would take to put together the mosaics we saw today. Cars are restricted in many areas of Ravenna so the main mode of transportation is biking and we gladly shared the cobblestone roads with them. The bikes add so much character to this city. We saw many things that flooded my mind with memories of years ago. I loved experiencing the beauty of Ravenna again.  We visited:

 The Basilica di San Vitale

The Tomb of Dante

Battistero Neoniano

Mausoleum di Galla Placidia

 The Basilica Di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo. 

 I love the roles that we have fallen into as a couple. I plan the trips and Tyson navigates. Sometimes he also finds new places to visit that aren't included on the master list which is great. This time around, Tyson discovered a park within an old fortress wall near the train station. It was a perfect break for Taryn and the swings were shaded.
We took the city at a great pace, enjoyed everything we saw, and made it back home by 5pm so we could relax and make dinner at home. We rode a regional train there and back and loved the extra space we had (four seats between us all) so Taryn could play and we could have some space. There are a few downsides to regional trains though- they are slower, the often smell like B.O., and they are hot on hot days. We were fanning Taryn, sitting with the windows open, and drinking tons of water. You can see how red her checks are! But even a little heat can't make us dislike the day. We had a great time together just enjoying the time we had.

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  1. Tyson looks different but I think it's mostly his short hair. What a fun trip!