Thursday, May 24, 2012

What did you say?

I hear these words about 500 times a day and they make me smile. 
(*Nahnah- is Mamma- actually, it's Brianna )

Lil' T-   Nahnah!

B-  Yes, sweetheart?

 Lil' T-  nem beha nem.

B-  Ok, that sounds good.

----2 seconds later----

 Lil' T-   Nahnah!

B-  Yes, Taryn?

 Lil' T-   nem beha nem.

B-  Is it over there?

----2 seconds later----

 Lil' T-   Nahnah!

B-  Ya baby girl?

-----2 seconds later----

 Lil' T-   Nem beha nem.

B-  Yes, I think so too.

One of these days I will finally figure out what "Nem beha nem" means. Until then, we'll keep having these very interesting conversations.

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