Saturday, May 12, 2012

A re-do please

I wished and prayed several times this week that I could have a do- over. A fresh start. Rewind these past 7 days and do it all over again, knowing what I do now. I'm really sad no one has invented a time machine yet to make that possible so I will just have to live, learn, and do better.

So I walk away from this week, deeply humbled, trying to learn from my mistakes, trying to be a better wife and mother, and a better person. Making more goals & priorities and striving to make myself better in every way. And to keep focusing on what really matters in life.

My heart aches but I know with lots of time it will get better. One day I will learn. And I want that day to be today.

Through all of this I am grateful for a loving husband who wraps his arms around me as I cry. For a beautiful daughter who gives me kisses in the middle of the night when she knows I am frustrated with her crying, for family who always give words of love, support, & praise- even when I don't feel I deserve them, and for friends who make me stronger.

-Highlights from the week-
A little outing at the Park on a hot day with friends. Can you tell how exhausted and hot Taryn was? We shared cotton candy between the moms and kids and walked around the Garden Expo that filled the park with beautiful flowers and nic-nacks of every kind. Got my first official sun burn on my back after pushing Taryn in the swings for so long. It looks super funny. But at least my sandal tan is still awesome.
 Taryn wasn't sure about the cotton candy at first, but after seeing me and everyone else eating, she gave it a whirl, and liked it.

We have two more Saturdays here and I can officially say that I am ready to move back to the U.S. Tyson has been studying hard for his upcoming finals and we are getting very excited about this summer.

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