Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 month old world traveler

Our little sweetheart turned 5 months old in California and we celebrated with a beach day! I didn't want to skip this month because I feel like every month is so precious! She is a crawler! She had the motions down in AZ and CA and now in Thailand she has finally coordinated her hands and feet and can MOVE ! She is so fast at moving around now that we can't look away for two seconds (I think I have said that before but its so true!)
After Grandma Jackie introduced her fully to walking (while being held up by the hands) she was a bit shaky...ok she flat out hated it. But now she is a speedy walker and is becoming stronger. Early crawler may mean early walker! Maybe by 8 months she will be walking around Italy, not just crawling!
Taryn has become a star in Thailand and she is loving the attention from strangers who pass by. Sadly due to traveling her consumption of real food has subsided but as of tonight, she loved the taste of Thai bananas which are much sweeter than the U.S. Her laugh is unique just to her and she loves snuggling into soft big blankets. My favorite thing about Taryn is when Tys or I lie down on the floor, she is quick to climb, crawl, and snuggle next to us. It melts my heart that she knows just who her Mom and Dad are.
No matter how many times I look at Taryn, I am still amazed that she is my little girl. And I can't wait for her to experience more of the world.

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  1. It's crazy that your baby is that big! I miss holding your sweet girl. Keep up with the pictures!