Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ancient Siam

Ancient Siam was built to depict all of Thailand. It's a great way to get a sense of every village and their great ancient artifacts. This was one of the first really hot and humid days in Thailand but we loved seeing the great sights.

The Giant "Junk" we were looking down from in the above picture
Tyson's favorite temple of Ancient Siam.

A small floating market but for this one you do not have to be in a boat. All the shops are on water and you cross several bridges to get to and from each one.

Behind him, 137 steps to the top of a mini fortress with an amazing view of the surrounding fields. They may look like nothing, but those steps killed us in the humidity and because this was the last thing we did....we were exhausted by the end! The steps in ancient days aren't built like the are today. It takes your whole body to try and climb up each step!

The rice fields from the top of the fortress and a very sweaty me

I put my foot out to show just how giant these lily pads are! I would have loved to see if it could hold me :)
Inside the temples are different shrines and they are all very beautiful. We had to take our shoes off in each one to shoe respect.

On the side of a floating market was one of the boats not being used. They fill these boats with fruit, goods etc... and try to sell them to each other. We will go to the giant floating market next week where I will take more pictures
How beautiful is this? Tys stood back so you could see just how big it was. Inside was filled with Buddas in different poses.

This was a depiction of a real battle that took place in Thailand. I wonder what it would be like to fight atop elephants today. One of my favorite pictures of the day

Made it to the top!
We packed in so much this day in so little time! I was so proud of us! We decided to take off while Mike did transfers and a Zone conference meeting which gave us only a couple of hours to do some sight seeing and then be back in time for the leaving elders to come for dinner. If you know what Thailand traffic is like you will know that it is quite a task to do something (especially sight seeing) in just a couple of hours. If you can drive in Thailand- you can drive ANYWHERE- REALLY!

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  1. That is the coolest lily pad I've ever seen! Awesome pictures Brianna :)