Saturday, August 13, 2011

Snake Farm

Snakes! This show was crazy! Watching men put their lives in danger to entertain a small crowd! One man was bit while we were watching- luckily not by a poisonous snake. They brought out a cobra and we learned that, like all snakes, cobras are deaf and don't sway to the music of a snake charmer but mimic the swaying of the snake charmers body. As a part of the show, they let you touch the cobra and they say it will bring good luck. It's most likely because you're lucky if you survive! Tyson and I both touched it. We also watched a man catch 3 deadly snakes- one with his mouth! After the show was done I saw a sign to hold a snake and I jumped on it! But I was SHOCKED when the man pulled out 2 snakes! I got so scared I backed up and bumped into someone behind me. One snake- I can handle, but two?!? But before I could object the man had put them around my neck! I was shacking so bad..just terrified...but I conquered my fear. I don't have to ever hold a snake again :)

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