Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Walk Around the Mubaan

A snapshot of a temple located just outside the Mubaan (neighborhood). There are temples like this, and larger, everywhere in Thailand. They all shimmer in the light with their beautiful decorations

The film crew above shooting a soap opera.

I wanted to give a little glimpse of our surroundings while staying in the mission home. With a beautiful lake in the center of the housing community, it sets a very calm feeling when you enter in from the extremely busy streets of Bangkok. 6 swans swim gracefully and water monitors, or dragons like I call them, are hard to see at any time other than bright and early in the morning during our walks.
The house sizes shock us because of the size of the family living there. Some of the homes are occupied only by a couple of brothers, another maybe by a few siblings and so forth. Since Tyson was a little boy, he has enjoyed looking at homes so we often stop on our walks to discuss the home and what we like about it.
We love our walks around the Mubaan and enjoy the great smells of new flowers and tropical foliage.

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