Thursday, August 4, 2011

Asian Pears

On Sunday we introduced Taryn to Asian Pears. And I think she found her favorite Asian fruit.


  1. Brianna, your little girl is so cute! She is growing up so fast just like my little boy. I feel like he gets heavier every day. I think they are about a month apart, maybe? That's exciting you are in Thailand! Are you there for your husband's job?

  2. Taryn was born in Feb. I think your little boy is two months older? Maybe? I totally agree on the getting heavier everyday! Our little girl seems to grow and grow and when I pick her up after her naps she is huge! We are in Thailand just for 3 weeks to visit my in-laws as they serve their 3 year mission here. After that we are off to Italy for my husbands Masters program! Your little boy is adorable and I love reading your blog.

  3. How exciting! You will have so much fun living there. That's also great that you are getting the chance to visit your in-laws. Yeah, Jacob was born the beginning of January so they are probably a little less than two months apart. Being a mom is great! Travel safely!