Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sei mese Bella

Our little love is 6 months old. Celebrated her 1/2 year mark in Italy eating Biscotti for the first time- don't worry, it's a special brand just for babies! She is loving her new eating adventures- even eating her toes! She loves vegetables and is enjoying her new porta-crib. And so is Mommy and Daddy. After 5 days of Taryn having to sleep with us we are relived to get normal sleep. I know, I know, baby sleeping with parents is a huge no-no. But when you stay in a tiny hotel with a huge amount of luggage in the midst of finding an apartment and then find a coch roach on the floor the first night in our new apt. you would do the same. We had even made her a nice bed on the floor- kinda looking like a big dog pillow before the incident. But I couldn't risk the creepy crawling things all over our baby. So we invested in a porta crib that we can take back to the states with us. So much happier now! And we all sleep better!

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