Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Floating Market

Going to the floating market was a fun experience. You jump in a boat and then float down a river that is filled with other little boats loaded down with merchandise and food to sell. Some Thai's were cooking right on their small boats! We were amazed how many people they jammed into these small waterways. At one point Tys put his hand on the side of the boat, just resting it as he looked around and the driver quickly hit his hand away. Just a few seconds after a bigger boat came and hit the exact spot Tyson's hand had been. We learned right then to keep our hands and arms inside the boat at all times- oh brings back memories of Disneyland!

They had a huge selection of cooking spices. Too bad I can't stuff anymore into my suitcase and too bad I am already at my 50 lb limit and the whole customs thing while going to a different country. Noi even asked if I wanted to stop and I had to sadly say no.

We got out along the way to explore some land shopping before continuing our adventure. We stopped to experience some Thai candy. One worker man offered to let me experience "cooling" the very dense honey syrup- I credit having this experience to Noi who spoke Thai and explained how these special honey candies were made. The man saw we were interested and just called me over! It may look like an easy job but you have to have some serious muscle to do that all day long

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