Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Grand Palace

I have to tell the story behind this picture. See the girl on the left? She would not let me move! Once she saw Taryn she went crazy! All she wanted was to be near her and get a picture with Taryn. But Tys and I were waiting to take a picture with the guard. This girl grabbed me by the shoulders and was pushing and pulling me, trying to get me to turn around but I had to move forward to the guard otherwise I would have missed my photo opt. I was very forceful in saying "No" but she would not give up. I was shocked at her persistence and freaked out too. I finally broke away and jumped by the guard (hoping he would provide distance and protection) AND SHE JUMPED INTO THE PICTURE TOO! Oh well it's over now- as long as she got her picture and I got mine. Tys and I laughed AFTER it was over but at the time she was really scaring me- the first person to actually grab me and be forceful with me just to get a picture!

What a wonderful experience! I LOVED the Grand Palace! I agree with Mike who said "it's the one thing you HAVE to do while in Thailand." I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. And I do have to admit that I cried (more than once) because of the beauty. It reminded me so much of the beautiful Temples that have been built all over the world for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Each hold such a sacred purpose just like these beautiful wats (temples) in Thailand. We spent two hours just wandering in and out of each and visiting the Emerald Buddha- which is actually made out of Jade! This was our last adventure in Thailand before heading back to the mission home to finish packing. We were nervous and excited to start our new life in Italy!

***Make sure to look at the Ayutthaya post under the Tim Tam Slam post (it posted there for some reason!)

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