Sunday, July 31, 2011

Khao Yai National Park

We drove up to the mountains of Thailand and visited the Khao Yai National Park. It was beautiful and the weather was nice and cool from the rain. Here they have salt licks for the elephants and other animals. No elephants came out while we were there but we did see some on the ride home as we passed an Elephant Riding business. The roads twist and turn and are filled with teek, cobras, birds and gibbons.The Gibbons and are similar to monkeys and we happened to spot a whole family just off the side of a look-out point.
One of many great waterfalls in the national park. The night before we had a huge rain storm so the waterfall was overflowing

There are shrines and pictures of the King everywhere you turn in Thailand. They show their love for the Royal family in everything they do. They even have daily colors you wear. Pink is the king's favorite color and you can see everyone wearing pink shirts on Friday.

The ride to the national park was hard on Taryn after the first couple of hours. I am learning a lot about traveling with a baby. It's definitely not easy but it is totally worth it. Grandma Smith made a bed out of a blanket for Taryn to sleep on during the long trip. A good day should always end like this. Exhausted but happy :)

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