Sunday, July 31, 2011

Impact Center and some pampering

I can't get enough of the green foliage everywhere. Beautiful flowers and pretty trees and the smells! Oh the smells. We take a walk almost everyday around the mission home community and I take in big breathes of fresh rain, flowers, and the dense humid air. It's great!
On Thursday we went to the Impact Conference Center where they were having a big "Swap Meet" and we shopped around a little bit. We stopped for a treat- some Rote-Tee - delicious crepe like bread served hot with sweetened condensed milk. Yum!

The Thai food is delicious! We had a great lunch here- an Asian menu highly influenced with Thai options. Janis and Noi taught me about the 4 flavors of Thai food. They include Sweet, Spicy, Sour, and Salty. Each is added to a meal to complete the sensory experience of eating.

We are spoiled to have Noi! She is such a joy to talk to everyday. She gives us great insight on the Thai culture and helps us understand everything around us. She prepares such amazing authentic Thai food everyday. Noi is the mission home "Helper" who is native Thai and does all the great cooking- even on the day of transfers for the missionaries- sometimes feeding 20 people at a time! For someone like me who understands big crowds for meals- that is a BIG task! And she is so great at it. She also takes care of the home. We love Noi and her happy attitude. She is a pleasure to be around and Taryn loves her!After lunch we headed to Nitchida,the International center where all the American/ British children go to school and where they have a tiny American Market called the Villa.Taryn and I took a picture by the lake in the center. We had to get some special ingredients for Tyson's birthday the next day and for a dinner for missionaries going home in the next couple of days. It's so different shopping in Thailand where your options are small. It's an adventure just to find what you were looking for- is it crazy to say that I loved it? Next door is a little salon where Janis got her hair done, I got a manicure and pedicure and Tyson had a back massage and manicure. His first time getting a manicure (no polish) and he liked it- it was one of his birthday presents from his mom.
It was hilarious to us how much attention Taryn was receiving. We had a million people snapping pictures of her on the airplane, airport, and on side streets.

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