Friday, July 1, 2011

Dinner's on them

If you are ever in Scottsdale and want to enjoy a great night of food for a very low cost, I would suggest Technique. Not only am I an Alumni of this Culinary school, but I am a big fan of the food! And when you have a gift card and don't have to pay a dime it makes for a great time in my book (read on about pricing below)

Course 1 - a Three Onion Soup Gratin and the soup of the day - duck confit and lobster soup,
Course 2- Crispy Fresh Mozzarella, Lobster Endive Salad
Course 3-Spinach Salad with Beets, Apples, Candied Pecans, Poached Eggs and Warm Pancetta
and the Technique Salad with Romaine, Chopped Eggs, Tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumber and French Dressing

Course 4-My entree of Lobster Thermidor was delicious. I didn't so much care for the purple peruvian potatoes paired with it though. Tyson had the Crispy Sole served with a Stuffed Pequillo Pepper, Glazed Carrots and Curry Mussel Sauce - which he LOVED and was so good- of course I had a bite too!

Tyson enjoyed his Trio of Profiteroles for dessert. I love eating here with Tyson because we really enjoy the whole service. We love taking bites of each others food and comparing thoughts. It's not overly crowded, you have someone taking care of you ALL the time, and the food is high quality and very inexpensive!I was IN LOVE with the dessert special of the night. Mango Coconut Creme Brulee. Delicious! And I am usually not a fan of mango but I had to try it knowing it was the "Special". I love that this restaurant allows students to experiment with recipes and then see how their customers respond to them by watching how they sell. Both my entree and dessert were the "Specials" of the night and I was so happy with them! Taryn was a doll for the whole night! She had just "found her voice" earlier that week so all she did was make the funniest noises!

If you do choose to dine here I suggest making a reservation in advance (two days or more). The schedule of classes for students rotates every 6 weeks so there are good days -where everyone knows what they are doing- and there are days where things can be a little slow -usually days 1-3 of a new class. You can ask what day of the cycle it is when you make your reservation.

** Remember that this is a classroom environment and the reason that prices are so great is because they hope customers will be patient and understanding when it comes to mistakes and training. (I have never had a horrible experience!) It's a fun experience and I would recommend it. And I don't know where else you can get 5 courses of delicious food for $15.00!

** they don't expect tips because it is a student run classroom and they aren't allowed to keep the money

(Jenny- we will be taking you up on the babysitting soon! Scottsdale and Gilbert were just too far apart for this date night! ) Don't know why the font is so huge now. I can't fix it!

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