Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wide open spaces

Taryn playing with Tyson's feet in our empty apartment.

Saturday was a BIG day! Everything we own is now in a little storage unit which means Taryn has free roaming abilities. If you see where the white pillows are, that's where she will sit up and play until she falls forward and starts to -almost crawl- around everywhere! I love not having to worry about what she will move to now.With so much stuff everywhere before, I feared for boxes and suitcases falling- glad it never happened!

Friday was my breaking point. After so much time spent packing and, as my sister-in-law Jenny said, "Visual clutter" plus all the running around and me worried about having everything ready for the move and then receiving some scary news on Thursday... I told Tyson I was done and ready to move. I stayed up til' 1:30am throwing last minute random items into boxes. Tyson was BEYOND helpful and I knew everything would come together but it was still daunting.

Saturday morning we had TONS of wonderful help! Everyone was so efficient and we had a veteran master storage unit packer to help us "Tetris" everything we owned. I WAS SO RELIEVED!!! I finally feel like I can breathe in my own apartment because there is nothing in it! I do have to say that I totally doubted our ability to squeeze our life into a 10x10 storage unit. They rolled up the gate and my mouth dropped. I thought there was no way we could stuff all we own into it. But Tyson kept telling me, "Don't worry- we can make it all fit." Oh Brianna "hath little faith!" I started squealing when we placed in the last boxes, seeing that, yes, in fact, everything did fit.

This has been a long and crazy ordeal preparing for our biggest move ever. But I wouldn't go back and do it any other way. I know this will be a great adventure for Tyson and our little family. And I am WAY TOO EXCITED!

For the next couple of days we will be cleaning and spending time with family and friends before we fly to California to see my family and the beach. Then it's onto a 15 hour plane ride.....

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