Thursday, July 28, 2011

Las Brisas and a 15 hour Flight

Monday morning we enjoyed our last American breakfast at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach. They have a wonderful buffet and a gorgeous view of the ocean. We loved the food and Taryn was relaxing in her car seat the whole time- one of the last times she would be in it since we left it behind. The international seat belt laws are different and most people just hold their children in the car. Plus in Italy we won't have a car so no need for one there!

When we came home we spent the rest of the time making sure we were all packed and we tried to finish up any last business. I can tell you from experience that leaving the country for a long period is difficult because you have to cancel this and that and make sure you don't have any bills looming etc... Sounds easy- it's not! Just one big headache! But TOTALLY worth it!

Mom and Dad drove us to LAX that night and it was so helpful to have my parents there. Mom dropped us off and Dad helped us carry all our luggage in. But don't worry, we are totally capable of carrying our 6 bags and carry-ons and Taryn by ourselves! We practiced! Then we boarded our plane for a 15 hour flight (yikes!) heading to our layover in Guangzhou, China. And we got a stamp for China in our passports! I would highly reccommend to anyone traveling with an infant to reserve a bassinet! As parents, you get the seating with more leg room and no one in front of you, and you have a place to put your baby to sleep so you can sleep comfortably as well. There were 3 other babies on the flight, one of which cried the whole time. Taryn was so happy on the flight and slept for half of it! I was so relieved!

Sleeping Taryn in the bassinet
So happy and content playing with her toys

Guangzhou, China sunrise

5 am in China waiting for our connecting flight to Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Oh my gosh! I have eaten brunch at Las Brisas before! Yummy and such a beautiful view! Glad your traveling has gone well so far! I had no idea about a bassinet option. Is that just on international flights?

  2. I just have to tell you, your little girl is adorable! :) That's so fun you guys are going to be living out of the U.S for a while. Good luck and take lots of pictures! Hope everything is going good for you guys.

  3. I am pretty sure that the bassinet option is just for international flights- probably 8 hours or more-if you plan of going with little Evie it's a life saver!