Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Houses and play time

Saturday we took Taryn on a walk at the park above my parents home and saw many Open Houses signs on our way. After our walk we picked up my parents and put Taryn down for a nap and went to see the houses. Brittany has been studying for the California Bar so she was home to watch Taryn -Side note- Brittany takes the California Bar this week and she has put in so many hours studying! Good luck Brittany!!!-
Tyson loves looking at homes and has since he was a little boy and we have been through many! We go through and say.."In our future home...." and file away those thoughts for the future! We had to drop off my Dad so he could work on a few things while we kept looking through homes. Taryn woke up while we were gone and this is what I came home to...
Grandpa had picked her up and was playing with her upstairs in his room. He had a rattle (medicine in a bottle), a soft toy (clean socks), and a musical toy ( a bird calling whistle). LOVE it!

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