Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arriving in the U.S.A

We made it to California on Thursday night completely exhausted from a long almost 21 hours of traveling. I cried when I saw my parents and my two sisters waiting for us by baggage claim. We had made the long journey which was such a miracle. We managed to make it through all of the traveling- Taryn being a good lap seater and sleeping for a good chuck of the flights- and felt like we conquered the beast.

We've been loving the time we have had to spend with my family here even down to running little errands here or there. Breakfasts all together are a joy as we talk about old memories and I love watching Taryn interact with family. Taryn's still adjusting her sleep schedule but doing better every day. Her first bath to wash off the airplane grit was a hilarious event. I'm pretty sure we woke up everyone in the house at 6am as Taryn screamed and screamed. After only knowing a kitchen sink for the past 9 months, a big white bath was all too much. The second time around went a lot better with bath toys.

Hearing English is so funny. Every time we are out it takes a while for me to realize that everyone is speaking English! We continue to tell Taryn to "Fai Ciao" (say hi- in Italian). We'll have to work on her "Say Hi" even though when she actually says "Ciao,"  it's said in the cutest high pitched voice accompanied with her little waving hand - it makes me smile every time- maybe we'll hold on for it for a little while longer.

Lots of pictures to come-! I forgot my cord in the room that Taryn is sleeping in now.

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  1. Woo hoo! You guys are home!! And we are gonna see you in 1 WEEK!!! Can't wait!
    Love you guys!.

    PS. Keep Ciao. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I bet it is darling! :)