Friday, June 8, 2012

10 inches for a good cause

I was told my desired hair cut was only 1 inch shy of being "Locks of Love" worthy.

 Wow. That's a lot of hair. 

She grabbed a ruler to double check and showed me what my hair would look like with all ten inches cut off for a good cause. It didn't take me long to decide. 
"Ok. I'll do it."
 I then learned that donating your ten inches of hair to "Locks of Love" gets you a free hair cut added with the warm special feeling in your heart of doing something for someone else. 
Double bonus. 
So, she chopped off my hair. It's the shortest hair cut I have ever had and I was NOT planning on it. 

 Our hair is almost the same length now :)

Before I left to get my hair cut, Tyson asked me what I was going to do with it. 

"Just a few inches to my shoulders, thinned out and added layers." 

You should have seen his face. And my mom's. And my sisters. And my dad's. The only person who didn't think twice was Taryn. In fact, when I walked through the door she just wanted me to hold her and I did just that. Everyone warmed up to it within just a few minutes.

I'm going through phases of, "Humm....did I do that right thing?" and "Well, my hair grows crazy fast so it's going to grow out soon anyways." and "I think this cut is perfect for Lake Powell and a hot Arizona summer." Still having mixed feelings hours later but at least I can keep telling myself that it was for a good cause. I also keep replaying what a man told me as I left.
"It looks great...and it will grow out fast anyways."

And a little family shot to sign off