Thursday, June 7, 2012

A day without pictures

It wasn't on purpose, I was actually really bummed I didn't take a single picture yesterday. I met up with two of my best friends for lunch and didn't snap a single picture! It's been two years since I had seen Ashley who is now expecting her first child in September and one year since I saw Melissa who is now purchasing her own Condo in Orange County. I love these girls so much and I can't believe how great it is that we can just pick up right where we left off. Talking about future plans, what we've been up to, and the next time we will be able to see each other- thankfully, it's only 6 months away...way better than 12-24 months!

There are so many wonderful people you meet in your life and these two girls are gems and I love having them as friends. Maybe in December I'll remember to take a photo or two to share.

At night after putting Taryn to bed we were lucky enough to leave her in the care of the family while we had ourselves a little date night. Tyson told me earlier that day that there are two ways you have to experience the beach when you are in California. One, is a day completely spent in a bathing suit, sitting in the sand, looking through tide pools and playing in the waves. The second way is taking walks on the beach or exploring the shops around the ocean waters. So we grabbed some gelato and walked the boardwalk of Laguna Beach. We are going through gelato withdrawals and I was a wishing for some La Sorbetteria the whole time I ate mine. It was good, but I know all too well what the real stuff is like and I know it will be hard (impossible?) to find something like it here. It was a great night to spend a little time with just the two of us. I actually got those little butterflies in the stomach thinking about our upcoming date night the other day as I rode in the car with my sister, asking her what new places we could try for our date. Those little butterflies are so fun. And again, no pictures taken but I know I will remember this day anyway.

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