Monday, June 18, 2012

Lake Powell

 We had a fantastic time at Lake Powell this past week with family. Being on the lake again after two years was such a treat. Seeing family, playing in the water, watching Taryn play with her Scott cousins, and taking in all that is Lake Powell. I love the lake and being there with my family. I am grateful to my parents who put forth so much effort for this trip.

The babies of 2011 altogether for the first time.
Left to Right Quincy Tate, Oliver Scott, and Taryn Liesel



Taryn loved the Lake especially being on the shore and throwing sand or rocks in the water. She even waded in the water up to her knees by herself. She kept asking to go "outside."

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like Taryn is a fake baby. She was fast asleep and we always covered her with a towel so her legs and arms wouldn't get burned. There was always space between her hat and life jacket so she could breathe! And with the wind from the speed of the boat, we were always cool.

The boat and jet ski's put Taryn to sleep almost every time she got on them. It was a great way for us to make sure she got in her naps during the day with so much going on around us. With a little one on the Lake this year, we wanted to make sure she was always covered with sunscreen, a shirt, sun hat, and a life jacket. Luckily, she didn't mind her life jacket and would happily play with it on.

Making ice cream on the boat for dessert one night.

Giving kisses to her cousin Nataleigh. Nataleigh was so great with Taryn and they had a lot of fun playing together. Nataleigh knew just how to make Taryn laugh and it was so fun to watch these two together.

 Everyone sleeps on the top of the house boat under the stars at night. I love watching the shooting stars zoom above my head and seeing the vast amount of stars fill the night sky. One night, Taryn had a bad night sleeping and Tyson and I took Taryn downstairs to try and calm her down. Hours later, we got to sleep just before the sun rose. It was a hard night and being close to other family members (and lots of little kids) we were worried about waking up everyone. We found out the next morning that Taryn had night terrors due to lots of sun exposure. We knew that something was wrong when Taryn wouldn't fully wake up while crying. With no lights to turn on or movies to watch (the generators are turned off at night) we couldn't fully wake her up. My brother taught us a trick he used years ago at Lake Powell when his son was young and had night terrors too- hopefully this won't happen again, but if it does, we will be ready! My sister snapped these photos after everyone woke up and came downstairs.

The boys on the boat went fishing for the morning.

And the girls played in the water.

Tyson grew up on this lake and is a master of anything water. He is so happy being in the water and expanding his skills.

We played cards, danced to music, watched movies, and played games.

We wakeboarded, water skied, used paddle boards,  played on the Banana Boat and some other fun tubes. I remember the first time on this trip that I slipped on those water skis and stood up as the boat pulled me along. I was so completely happy on the water. I circled the open water around our house boat and played around in the wake of the boat like it was second nature. As we rounded by the house boat, I dropped my left ski and continued on skiing with my slalom ski. It was so much fun. I remember being so happy as I climbed back into the boat to let someone else have a turn. This is why I love going to Lake Powell. Being on the water is so much fun and being able to wake board and water ski is the best. I love being able to be with family in such a beautiful place. I'm happy to share these experiences with Taryn as we float together in the water and play on the shore.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Great memories. Wonderful experiences.