Thursday, April 28, 2016

A day of kite flying! A first for the girls

^^ Haddie's favorite trick! ^^

We headed to Haines Point a few weeks ago and a beautiful spring day to fly kites. We had bought kites a few weeks ago so we were super excited to pull them out. But first came a lot of playground climbing and sliding :)

Haddie is becoming a great climber. I remember Taryn going through this stage (who am I kidding, she's still a monkey!) 

Haddie and Taryn took turns running with the kite. Haddie just wanted to watch the kite fly in the sky so she would stop running. She got frustrated fast but was happy to watch us try and fly it. There wasn't enough wind to keep the kite in constant flight but Taryn still loved running as fast as she could to get that kite in the air. She did great! I'll try to post that video (and so many more!) onto our youtube channel- I'm so far behind on that!

Some of our friends joined us for our picnic at the park that day and I loved watching Taryn & Haddie chat it up while eating their apples on the blanket. Just to cute! 
These spring days are the best and I love our adventurous girls who love to play hard! 

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