Thursday, April 14, 2016

Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in DC at Haines Point March 2016

During peak bloom for the Cherry blossoms all around the DC Metropolitan area, we headed to Haines Point, our favorite spot to spend a lovely Spring day! It's always crowded but this year we lucked out with the best parking spot (right in in front of my sister who arrived 10 minutes earlier- crazy awesome!) right next to the park. We spent the day eating lunch, talking with friends and my sister Brittany, playing and scootering around. It was such a beautiful day!! 

I can't believe how fast these two are growing up!

Trying to help her little cousin go down the slide, Taryn held on to Braden really well.

Her new found trick that she loves to do. Sadly, two days ago one hand slipped off the bar too early and she slapped her face on the play equipment and gave herself a good little plastic "burn" (kinda like a rug burn) But she was back at it shortly after!

She will do anything to get a good look at those ducks!

This moment was my favorite of the day. Taryn grabbed the frisbee and asked Haddie to come and play with her. They cheered each other after every throw, the giggled together and it was just the best ever! 

Pretty Taryn!

I love when those perfect little moments captured on camera. I love my girls and I'm thankful they don't mind taking a billion pictures (most of the time!)

Cause there are those moments where they aren't interested in looking at the camera for a family selfie so I get pictures like this!!!!!!

Such a fun day out with my girls and with my sister & her kids! I love that we can get together so often and enjoy all that DC has to offer. 

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