Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens with my sister and her twins

We decided to visit the Kenilworth Aquatic gardens right around the tim the Cherry blossoms were blooming in DC. There were some beautiful trees and plants blooming but a lot of the gardens were still in winter mode. We saw tons of canadian geese (the Scott family bird) and the girls got a huge kick out of all the loud honking noises they make. 

There are a few geese behind Taryn above. They didn't seem to mind us, so much so that I was worried the girls were getting to close. Can't trust a goose, so I've heard!

I love those moments where the girls will spot something I didn't even see when I walked past it. They were hooked on this caterpillar trying to cross the boardwalk safely. 

We went with my sister, her mother in-law who was visiting, and my twin niece and nephew. Taryn and Haddie  love their cousins so much. Taryn has definitely entered the "loving on every baby" stage. She's a lover for sure and can get any baby laughing. 

I'm glad my sister lives close. I never thought I would live close to a sibling so I'm going to soak this time up as much as I can. 

Not the best picture of us all but this if real life :) Balancing babies, trying to get kids to look at the camera, and having fun altogether. 

We can't wait to return to the Aquatic gardens in June when the lotus flowers bloom!!!!

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