Thursday, April 21, 2016

We just keep scooting along with life

Tyson always makes sure that his girls support ASU. Sometimes Taryn gets a bit confused and says "U. S. A." and chants it when she sees the maroon and gold. :)

Haddie is just growing up too fast! She potty trained herself almost 3 months ago! We think it started because of her desire to wear big girl underwear. I thought she was a little too young but she mastered it so quickly!!

We also got rid of her crib- like tossed it in the trash! She has loved her new twin bed. She can now get in and out of bed by herself and the girls have jumped between the beds several times, always giggling when doing so. 

If she is the first to wake up or needs water in the middle of the night, she gets out of bed and just starts knocking on the door until we open it. It's kinda creepy!

We woke up one night to her crying and kinda screaming. Tyson went in to find her wedged between her bed and Taryn's (they are about 4 inches apart- perfect for her little body to get stuck in-between.)  She kept saying to Tyson, "I stuck!" She fell right back to sleep, thankfully!
Oh the adventures of big kid beds! 

Tyson told the girls that if they got dressed in their jammies quickly after baths that he would let them wear his glasses. They LOVE wearing his glasses so it worked like a charm. That Haddie likes to come up with different facial expressions for each picture she takes now. She thinks it's so hilarious :)

Haddie is a determined little chica and wants to do everything Taryn does. She took on this rope stairway all by herself (Tyson ready to catch her if she slipped) We were so impressed (That side of the park is designated for about 7-12 year olds)

You know you've had a great day when the kids zone out in the car. It's always super cute!

More silly faces from Haddie!

Another session of gymnastics completed. Taryn is getting bored with ballet so we won't be repeating that again but she is super excited to start soccer when she's 6 years old!

We went to a little boy's "Manly Party" and all of us got mustaches. I think Taryn's looks the best. 

We pass a community garden plot almost every day and Taryn was asking questions about it. So I asked my friend Jessica, who owns a plot there, if my girls could come and see what she does. It was super awesome. Jessica is amazing with kids and let the girls plant some lettuce and peas. It was a really fun learning experience. 

I've been soaking up all the extra time I get with Haddie while Taryn is at preschool. She joins me for my work outs and errands and sometimes we just do special mommy daughter play time. 

Taryn and Haddie are starting to get a long so well together so it makes me a bit sad that Taryn will start Kindergarten soon and she will be gone until 2pm each day. I hope their relationship continues to grow strong! I love watching Taryn help Haddie and it melts my heart when Haddis says, "Thank you, Tawhen" without being prompted. 

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