Monday, April 4, 2016

April General Conference 2016- a restful, fun filled weekend!

Every 6 months we get to listen to the Prophet's voice and from other apostles and church leaders. It is always so uplifting and it's a great way to recheck your personal or family goals and make sure you are staying on the right track. I just love it! It's a weekend filled with family time, usually quiet activities while we watch on the T.V. This time I felt like the girls were old enough to understand that we are listening to learn. We picked a few key words : Jesus, Family, Love, Service, Missionary and the girls would listen for the words. Every time they heard one of our special key words, they got to pick one snack from our snack bowls. It worked SO well!!! I did feel a little irreverent when our girls were screaming, "JESUS!!!!" over and over again but hey, they were listening!!!

Everyonce and awhile we pulled out some Cadberry eggs to share but the girls were perfectly fine with the snacks they had to choose from. It was a yummy way to watch conference!

Taryn wanted a picture like Haddie too :)

Some of our quiet activities included coloring, stickers, letter workbooks and little princess toys/castle. Those girls played really well together. Tyson and I felt like we got a lot out of Conference this time around! 

Tyson didn't want to be left out of the coloring! I think this took him about 2 talks to finish :) Taryn loved it and colored way longer than normal because Tyson was coloring with her. 

Before Conference on Sunday we had brunch at the Zobell's, our friends from our ward. Rachel brought out this amazing Snow White dress and my girls HAD to see me in it! I'm pretty sure this made all Haddie's dreams come true!

After the conference session on Sunday morning, Tyson skipped with an old mission companion who now lives in Bahia Blanca with his family. It was so fun to see Tyson rattle off Spanish and to see Taryn totally in love with it! She was glued by Tyson's side the whole time. Usually when we Skype Taryn is bouncing around everywhere. I know it was the Spanish language that kept her glued to the screen! 

We spent almost all of the Saturday sessions with friends and it was super fun. The kids played together and the adults watched conference. Then the men went to Priesthood session and the girls ate dinner together. 

One of my favorite moments from this weekend was talking with Tyson after the priesthood session for a good long while on the couch as we talked about various General conference talks, what we want to work on, what we thought was going really well in our marriage/ family (you always have to make sure to talk about the good too!) and making goals of what we want to do in the future within our marriage and family. That's exactly what General Conference if for, to look at your life and evaluate where you stand, think about what you need to work on, and make goals to do better. 

What's conference without someone falling asleep???

I love General Conference and the peace it brings to me in my life knowing that there is a true prophet who lives on the earth today. It's through him that we can understand what it is that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would have us do so we can live with them again.

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