Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our President's Day Adventure 2016

For President's Day, we were on a mission! 2 years ago Grandma Smith came to visit after Haddie was born. We ventured out to the Natural History Muesum to show Grandma her one of her favorite things: Butterflies! The butterfly room is free on Tuesdays and its as a great adventure! I remember nursing Haddie in the cafeteria while Taryn ate her lunch. Grandma ventured into the gift store to buy a souvenir for herself and Taryn. She came back with a sandbag butterfly, the size of Taryn's hand. Taryn was in love and that little butterfly was one of her favorite toys for the next two years. It traveled with us everywhere (that we would allow!) Lots of love means lots of wear and tear. So the butterfly started falling apart and we told Taryn we would go get a replacement butterfly for her 5th birthday. 

We were so sad that they no longer sell those butterflies because parents complained about their children biting them and the sand bag opening up! Hahah! We told the girls that they could pick out another little toy as a replacement. Taryn liked a stuffed giraffe and Haddie liked a stuffed panda. Now these animals go to bed with them almost every night and they really are the cutest little guys! 

It was a blistery cold day with lots and lots of wind. Haddie clinged toTyson while in his arms the whole walk to the museum and back to our car. We're happy that this winter was so mild and that spring is around the corner. It's just good for the soul to feel the sun rays on your skin! 

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