Monday, March 14, 2016

Family outing to Rock Creek Park Nature Center

A few weeks ago, we started our Saturday off with an adventure to the Rock Creek Park Nature Center. Driving through Rock Creek Park is so fun. We've seen deer multiple times and I have to say it's most beautiful with the color changing leaves in the Fall. Inside the nature center they had displays of all the birds you can find in this area, along with fish, turtles, and animals you can find throughout the Park. The girls ran from display to display saying, "I've seen that!"  or "mama, Daddy! Look at this, look at this!!" They were able to feel a rabbit's fur, squirrel fur, and many skeletons from animals found in the Park.  Those girls love their nature!
 It was still pretty chilly outside but we took a small trail walk and snack break outside. The girls' hands were red and frozen by the time we got to the car but they loved it. 

I snapped a picture of this Hawk, a perfect resemblance of my high school mascot. We've kinda taken a hobby of bird watching lately. We pulled Tyson's binoculars out of storage and now we take along Taryn's child binoculars which makes sightings that much better. We've spotted many Great Blue Heron's, a bald Eagle along the Potomac River, and more cardinals, blue jays and American orange breasted robins then we can count. Tyson chatted with a professional "Birder" while we were on a walk at Long Bridge Park. It was really interesting to see how much money he had put into his amazing equipment. He showed us pictures of a juvenile bald eagle that he saw pick up a fish from the river and carry it away in it's claws. We live in such a great area to observe wildlife. 

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