Thursday, March 10, 2016

Taryn's 5th birthday!!!

(photo credit Caitlin Sheffer Photography)

Taryn turned 5 years old two weeks ago and I really can't believe it! She will be in Kindergarten next year! How in the world has 5 years already pasted since we welcomed her into our family. I've learned so many great things from Taryn and I am constantly touched with how loving she is and inclusive to all kids. She is smart, kind, silly, active and beautiful. We love our TarBear

Taryn knew exactly what she wanted for her first birthday party with friends. Unicorns!!!! She wanted to specifically have a unicorn cake and a unicorn piñata. This Taryn of ours- she is all about being herself and we love it! I free handed that unicorn as part of the decor, along with a rainbow made from streamers and tons of balloons! She did a really good job at combatting the birthday blues but I do have to mention that Haddie had the hardest time throughout the whole party. I never realized how much younger siblings go through when their older siblings have a birthday party. I remember a photo taken on my 4th birthday (24 years ago!) where I was holding a new 101 Dalmatian stuffed puppy and my little sister Mackeznie was visibly upset with that. In a sequence of photos from my 4th birthday, you can see that Mackenzie ended up happy, holding the dalmation puppy while I opened other presents :)
It wasn't until Taryn's 5th birthday party and I understood why my little sister was upset. Now I know what to expect and maybe will come more prepared next time.

The unicorn head cake came together in stages. I had about 3 different "horn" options but this one by far was the best. That unicorn hair was an accidental miracle find in the $1 Target bins. Yay!!! Taryn loved her cake and made sure to show all her friends the cake when they arrived ;)

We painted mythical beasts

Sang happy birthday

and played some animal games and knocked all the candy out of the piñata. 
Taryn was very particular about what went into the goody bags for the kids who came to her party. It was really fun to see what she pays attention to :)

Taryn's actual birthday fell on a Monday and while Tyson was a work, he called to ask us to meet him in DC for a special lunch birthday date. This was such a fun even for the girls and our family. The girls couldn't contain their excitement and sang random songs throughout lunch while laughing. They are so much fun! 

A few days before her birthday, we celebrated at her preschool. Taryn wanted colorful cupcakes with little animals on each cupcake "so each kid can have a little toy to play with." How sweet is that! I can't wait to see what she comes up with for future birthdays!

Each child asked Taryn questions. It was adorable :)

Then they all gave her a hug, fist bump or high five. Those little kids are the silliest and Taryn loved every second! 

Sitting next to her best friend, We sang, "Happy birthday " to our special girl. 

The colorful cupcakes with little toys on top! ( I think the turkey is my favorite!)

We have german pancakes on her actual birthday because we were all caked out (even the birthday girl!) 

So the best thing to do after a fun birthday is leave the streamer decor up for a few days, open a window, and have the kids play. It was so funny to watch them try to catch the streamers and they ended up taking them all down (total help in the clean up department!) Win/win for everyone!

Happy 5th birthday, Taryn! You are our favorite 5 year old!

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