Friday, March 25, 2016

Taking advantage of all the sun! Walks to get Daddy after work

With the days getting longer, we've been taking advantage of all the extra day light. We take walks right before or right after dinner to meet Tyson half way as he walks home from work. Tyson walks 20 minutes each way to get to the metro (40 min of walking each day!) so meeting him half way is a perfect way to get the wiggles out of the girls before bed time. I love that when they spot Tyson walking towards them from a distance, they immediately run down the sidewalk to jump in his arms :)

Sometimes we have dolls and strollers on our walks and sometimes I put the girls in our double stroller. 
Seconds after this photo, Taryn went running down the side walk to catch her stroller heading down hill!

On this day, the girls were happy to give me some smiles before we headed out.

Oh man Haddie- sometimes it's so hard to discipline a face like that!

Taryn LOVES babies. She is the best at making babies laugh and helping them with what they need. She's also the first to tell us about spit up. She thinks it's super gross and wants it removed quickly. She often tells me she is "babysitting" her dolls- all 8 of them at once! :)

"Mama! My dress has pockets!!!" 
After discovering this, she had her hands in her pockets all day long. She's in a "church shoes, pink bow and dresses" all day every day phase right now!

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