Sunday, February 28, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

At preschool Taryn decorated a shoebox for her "mailbox." She made sure to cover it with hearts! I love the fun use of pipe cleaners with hearts glued on to them on the ends of the box. When we picked up Taryn at the end of preschool, she was so excited to show us her full mailbox and the first thing she did was pull out a treat for Haddie. My heart melted! I thought that was so sweet and Taryn didn't even skip a beat. I love that little girl!

This is the Valentine's card that Taryn made for us :)

At work we were busy making flour less chocolate cakes, rose water sugar cookies and much much more! 

Valentine's day was on a Sunday this year, but when we woke up on the Saturday morning before Valentine's, Tyson quickly disappeared outside. When he got back, he had Valentine donuts and a rose for each of us. It was so fun and the girls were super happy to start their day off with donuts! 

On Sunday we had ribs because nothing is more romantic than licking BBQ sauce off your fingers :) And I made man catcher brownies that were similar to the brownies I made for Tyson on our first date. Not as good, but fun to think about those 1st memories we have together. 

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