Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our version of Snowzilla 2016- the Smith's take to the snow!!!!

Snowzilla 2016 

I love the development of snow over the 2 1/2 days of our constant snow storm. Our neighbor's mini van acts as a good reference. We had 1 inch of snow fall on Wednesday and the roads were not salted. Our car slipped everywhere and we almost got into 2 accidents when are car wouldn't stop sliding. It was super scary. I didn't go into work that night and I'm so glad I didn't because there were 1,000 accidents reported and it took hours for people to get home on their normal 20 minute drive.. It was nuts. Tyson had a half day on Friday because the storm was starting at 1pm. The snow never stopped until early Sunday morning. We reached blizzard status twice. 

We were all so excited to head out to the snow once it had really accumulated. It only took about 30 minutes to get us all ready :/ That's my least favorite part of the snow! But it really was worth it in the end because we all had a lot of fun with our first snow storm of 2016 (and really- our whole winter thus far!)

The snow was up to our door so Tyson went out first to shovel a little path for us to get out to the deep snow on the street. 

Taryn jumped right in and never looked back :)

Sledding was hard in the middle of the storm because it was all powder but we still gave it a try. 

The snow is so high when you put it next to little Hadleigh!

Tyson's failed attempt of sledding :)

Loving every second of the snow!

Taryn made a little seat and I made my first snow angel. Tyson took this photo from inside the house where he and Haddie were perfectly content - getting warmed up from the snow. 

Eating snow in her "seat"

When we weren't playing in the snow, we were keeping ourselves warm and happy inside with different activities. 

Bird watching: The Hawk in the tops of the tree, carrying a little bird in it's claws. Right after the storm ended, the birds came out and hunted. Like, so many birds! That hawk flew right in front of our window.

Painting finger nails and toe nails.

I love how Taryn wanted to show her foot when I took this picture. 

Having our own Primary/Nursery. The girls were happy to lead the songs as the music played from Tyson's phone. 

Watching these icicles grow daily. After the storm, we hit them off with snow balls.

Obviously brushing Haddie's hair for the day was the least of our priorities (hahah!)
Reading scriptures after shoveling the snow  off our walk. We learned when we first moved here that it's the law to shovel your property sidewalks within 24 hours of the last snow fall. It was a ton of work but we were super happy we got it done before it all froze solid.

Making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I made a special trip to the grocery store before the storm hit JUST for brown sugar so we could make these cookies. I know, I didn't NEED the brown sugar, but I was super happy that we all pitched in a made these cookies together. It was a great family activity and the end results were yummy! 

After helping pour the chocolate chips, Haddie couldn't get those stray chocolate chips into her mouth fast enough. I'm pretty sure she had ulterior motives when volunteering to pour the chocolate chips into the measuring cup ;) Notice Taryn's hands, right behind her little sisters "helping" to clean up the spilled chips. Hehe! Love these girls!

Legos! Haddie also made up a game of moving the legos around with my wooden kitchen spoons. I kept thinking, "fine motor skills development!" :)

Painting. Did you notice that Haddie is taking after Taryn and loves to paint on her belly? I can tell you that I loved painting time. The girls were so into it, it was super quiet for over 10 minutes. They were so focused.

Snow cones- in your hands! Our neighbor gave us flavoring for snow cones to use during the snow storm. I left Taryn pick up the freshly fallen snow and she ate her little "cotton candy" snow cone from her hands. 

I love that Taryn was all about the snow. Rolling, jumping, exploring! She loves everything about it. 

Oh man- these two girls in snow bibs- just so cute! I had a feeling I should buy snow bib for the girls just a few days before the big storm. I was so happy I did. 1. They were on clearance 2. I bought the last in their sizes 3. My girls were super happy and WARM while playing in the snow 

Our home made for the perfect snow sledding hills. I was nervous about the back hill being too big for the girls but it was super fun. We had to build a bank to stop us at the end because it made us go so far (almost to the street!)

Snow people and lots of snow angels were made.

Once we had our walk way clear, Haddie was always happy to go outside and "dig" in the snow. She hated walking in the snow after the first day because she kept sinking into it and couldn't walk by herself. After that first day, she never warmed up to the idea of gloves either. Oh well. At least we kept them on her for the first 5 minutes :/

Digging our car out was a beast. We live on a hill so we moved it to the top of the hill on a main street before the storm. Getting to the car was a work out! The snow was higher than my knees! It took a few hours to dig our car out well enough but we did it! 

We also got tired of waiting for the county to come and plow our street. Our neighbors and Tyson did the top half of the street and I did our bottom half. We got in several hours of shoveling and didn't hurt ourselves so I count that as a win/win- lots of exercise and we were able to walk around without slipping on our walkway and get our car to our home. 

We thought this bike store did a great job at utilizing the snow in front of their shop left by the plows. That's the biggest snowman I've ever seen.

Then the snow started to melt and everything didn't look as magical and pure but I guess the fun only lasts for so long! Preschool, dance and gymnastics were canceled for the entire week which I thought was a bit excessive - I'm glad we will have some make up snow days to extend our classes!

The snow was really really fun for our family. It was a perfect weekend altogether with very little fighting amongst the girls (AMAZING!) lots of fun activities, movies watched, and FaceTime with family. Let's just hope all future snow storms can be this great. 

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