Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quotes and favorite moments from the past few months

My favorite quotes and moments from Haddie & Taryn during these past few months! Enjoy!

Mama: "What do you want for dinner?"
Haddie: "Treats!"

another one

Mama: "What kind of vegetable do you want for dinner, girls?"
Haddie: "Pizza!"

so we settled for broccoli with our pizza that night :)

*This is not the follow-up to the dinner question! Hahah! These two just got lucky during their snack time to have a Rice Krispy treat*

Taryn was asking why she was apart of our family. I explained that Heavenly Father gave her to us on purpose. 
Taryn: "I think Jesus wanted me to be in this family."
Mama: "I think you're right. You are here to help us and we are here to help you."
Taryn: "I think Jesus wanted me in this family so you could know what Hadlegh is saying."

Haha! So true, Taryn!

Taryn asked me to put a towel in her hair like  I do when I get out of the shower. She looked super cute!

I love that my girls are very truthful during this stage of life (and I hope forever!!!!)
If I ask Haddie something and she didn't do it, she will say, "No, I not!"

The girls had just made their own confetti after lunch one day and spread it all over the kitchen. 
Mama: "Ok girls, you can do this, but you have to clean it all up when you're done. "
Taryn: " You're not going to help us, mama? But you need to help your little children mom!"

While making banana muffins, the girls got creative with how to use a dough hook. "Argh matey!" said Taryn -a pirates hook! "Dis is a dandy dane" said Haddie (" This is a candy cane!") and then she tried to eat it!

While making dinner one night, I had a curly haired fairy princess join me :)

Haddie's favorite book right now, "All Fall Down" by Helen Oxenbury and Taryn's favorite book is Harry Potter (1st Book) because Tyson started reading it to her. Tyson found a giant illustrated version at our library and became very excited to make Harry Potter the next chapter book they read together. Tyson has taken over the bed time books over bed time routine so I can leave for work. I really love that the girls have this special time to Tyson and they look forward to it everyday especially when he's been gone all day at work. 

If you look hard, you can spot little Haddie taking a nap in our Costco cart. After months and months of no naps, Haddie is going through a major growth spurt and has decided to pick naps back up for now. She is much more pleasant after her naps for I'm happy to give her those naps. Though I've gotten used to just going with our schedules and not being held back for naps so sometimes I forget and Haddie is super awesome about sleeping on the go. 

I love this pre Snowzilla photo of our girls. Haddie is super excited and Taryn is skeptical of what's to come. 

Ballet! Taryn started ballet with her little friend Eva and loves every second! I watch her flutter into her class room and soak up everything! I do have to say that it may not be what she does much for her future but she's loving it now! She's the girl in the class who takes a more contemporary, silly spin on the class (without creating distractions, thankfully!) as she swivels her hips around during Twinkle Twinkle little star. She makes me laugh!

Taryn asks her questions during our car rides and this has got to be my favorite quote from Taryn!

"How do you know everything, mama?" Taryn

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