Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two cups of Artfully Chocolate

Even though last week seemed rough, there were a lot of great parts of it too. 
Like date night with my husband. 
I'll admit, we have not been great at going on regular dates through the years with schooling and work but I've made it a goal for this new year to do better at dating each other. 
Cause it sure is a whole lot of fun to get some quality one on one time with this guy :)

We enjoyed some fun hot chocolate from Artfully Chocolate in Alexandria, VA. Fun fusions with cardamom, lavender, chipotle peppers, wasabi, or berries to name just a few. On our walk around Alexandria, we found one of those cute "pop up libraries" in front of someone's home and took a book for us to both read. Now we have a reason to return (on another date to the area!!) so we can replace the book we took with another one. 

The lady behind us in line had her two children with her and we talked for a bit. When she found out we had a 3 month old she looked shocked and said, "So this must be your first night out!" Is it sad that we really had to think hard about if it was or not?! Definitely time to remedy that. Thoughts of a dating/babysitting co-op with our friends has been thrown around and I'll just say that I am a fan of that idea.

Kinda excited to continue dating my husband :)

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