Monday, January 20, 2014

Tried Patience

Really, this past week was rough on all of us. It was almost a total fail. 

Toddler nightmares. UGH! The fact that Taryn could tell us exactly what happened in her dream just made me so sad for her. She turned into a scary monster with scary monster arms. She wouldn't even walk in her room for fear of the monsters. Nap time and bed time were almost impossible and mostly spent in our tiny main living space which was hard. 

Taryn & I got food poisoning on Wednesday….or so we thought …until Tyson got in on Sunday night!??!! To say we were violently ill is candy coating it. I held Taryn's throw up bowl while holding my own. I had no energy at all to hold Hadleigh and no milk for her. The following day we spent just lying on the bed trying to gain back our energy and the ability to eat.

Because of sickness (I thought I said I was done with being sick!??!!!) we had so many toddler meltdowns. Our patience was tried so much and I had to constantly give myself tiny pep talks about being better, being patient, and how to try to make her (and all of us) happy. I failed at that so many times.

Sundays are the hardest days in our house which is pretty ironic considering it's meant to be a day of rest. I can't make it to the car without wanting to throw in the towel and shed some tears. Each week as we drive to church I go through the morning and say, "Next week I will do ____ to make it all easier." As we sit in church I can't think of a better place for me to be.

All of the fuss of the past few days seemed to dwindle come Sunday night. I think everyone was just completely exhausted (or sick- Tys) and willing to work with each other. Taryn happily played with all her toys, making sure that Hadleigh, sitting close by, always had something to play with too. I sat and played with her thinking about how smart Taryn is, how lucky I am to have her and Hadleigh, and how these stressful days won't be our last, but rather I continuing test for me.  Like one of my friend's said, I have today to "try again."


  1. Sending virtual hugs from sunny AZ. I wish you were here and I would take you out to lunch! If it helps, know you are not alone. Last week was full of fails at our house! Luckily, and seems like this was the case for you as well, there were some happy moments too. I hope this week is much better for you guys!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Sunday is also our hardest day! By far. Cartoons, all day long, are ok some days too. :) It helps me refind my patience quota when it's been worn so thin that I can't find it anymore. I too am grateful for those moments of reprieve when they finally come. You're doing great, even if you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect, just kind and good. If it helps, Isabel has so many tantrums that more than once a day I remind myself: "you're 34 years old! Act your age." :)