Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Setting the Spirit for the week

Ellie, Taryn & Stephan

This past Sunday was heaven. 
I felt like I spent the whole week thinking about the upcoming Sunday (and what not to repeat from the past Sunday) and we did it! We had a calm and peaceful time getting ready and out the door. It's AMAZING how that peaceful time in the morning can really set the Spirit for the rest of the day and so far, the rest of the week. Tyson and I even gave each other fist bumps while sitting in the church pews for having such a beautiful morning :) 

We said goodbye to dear friends who moved away (little Stephan on the right) and had a blast celebrating our other little friend, Logan, and his birthday over the weekend. We also just found out the Tyson's parents will be serving their 3rd mission in the Adriatic South Mission (Albania) as directors of the BYU-Idaho Pathways Program. 

Sometimes I get a sneak in a few minutes on the computer while my two girls are napping and it's like a little slice of Heaven to be able to update our blog, answer emails (even though it takes me forever sometimes!) or get some work done. But recently, more often than not, I have been cuddling with my girls even when they sleep. Both of them have been growing so much lately that I almost can't stand it! My little newborn won't be considered a newborn as of Monday which is just plain crazy to me that she is already 4 months old! Taryn continues to bloom and amaze me with what she knows. We watched some old videos of Taryn (I need to take more of Hadleigh for sure!) and couldn't believe how tiny she was at one point. Watching her walk around at 9 months just astounds me. How did she seem so big then? 

During tummy time, Taryn wanted to be sure Hadleigh had all her toys to play with (neatly displayed in a line, of course)

I sit on the floor and watch my girls play- one with toys while she bounces around the house making up stories and playing "grocery store" and the other who kicks and moves her arms in excitement as I talk with her. This week I have definitely taken a step back to admire the beauty of children, focusing on the bigger picture, God's amazing children that I get to parent, and how doing what I do is important. Speaking with my friend Lynne reminded me that you can grow closer to God and better understand His plan as you watch these beautiful children of the world growing up around you. 

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