Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Grabbing a new Year's photo before we left! Taryn was all about those party blowers

New Years Eve at the Booth's! 
Our flight back home was very early the next morning so we tried to party as long as we could. I think it was almost 10pm by the time we decided to pack things up and head home to get some sleep, shower and pack our suitcases more. 
But we didn't leave before playing some of the greatest games! HedBanz, Monopoly Empire which only takes about 30 minutes to play and Telestrations. If you're looking for fun new games you should try these! Telestrations was my favorite- being a version of the game Telephone but with drawings. I played one awesome round and switched off with someone so I could go to the bathroom. I watched the rest of the rounds (which is still highly entertaining) and then Tyson switched with me right as Hadleigh had a huge explosion. 
Of course! Man!  So we tag teamed that round - not the most ideal but that game is just too fun not to try again. 

Taryn & Caleb watched Despicable Me 2 for a bit

Games games and more games. 

For all of the trip from California to Arizona, Taryn, Hadleigh and I were a bunch of sickies. Taryn got better mid-trip which was awesome, Hadleigh didn't get it as bad as me or Taryn and actually started recovering before we left, and Tyson never got sick. The plane rides there were hard because all of us girls had ears that hurt with the descending flights. I cried on the flights back home because of the ear pain. Thankfully, the girls just kept sleeping and were not affected that time around. 
I felt like I just kept taking a whole bunch of medicine and hoped it would actually make a difference.  Sometimes, it just didn't. I was miserable and did a pretty horrible job at covering it up.  It was great that on the day of the wedding and Jayden's farewell I was able to function pretty normally. But every other day I felt like I was in a serious daze. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can't think or do because it just hurts or your so completely weak. Pretty sure some of my conversations with family members were pretty loopy too! After three weeks, I am finally getting better. Probably should have gone to the doctor but when your traveling it's tough to squeeze it in and then it becomes too late and your left to clear up by yourself. 
So, I have resolved to never get sick in 2014- ha!

I'm seriously excited for 2014. 
This year will be that of changes, improvements, enjoyment, adventures, learning, growing, and trying. I'm still working on my resolutions (remember the whole "Sick daze" thing) but I have already noticed a big change this year. 
Hello 2014, I'm ready for you!

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