Monday, January 6, 2014

Hadleigh at 3 months old

Hadleigh is now 3 months old! She is just so big now! These are the first photos I've seen where I can say she looks like I did as a baby. I thanked Tyson yesterday for passing on his blue eyes to our girls. Oh the most beautiful blue eyes!
To celebrate her turning 3 months old, we took a walk in the fresh snow. Be prepared for baby picture overload ---is there such a thing?--- 

And then some of my favorite expressions ever... want a smile?

Hey mom, here's a little wink for you…

 Just so happy 


  1. Super cute pictures! I hope you are all healthy!!

  2. Thanks Jenny! Everyone is great…but me! I got worse right before we left AZ and am just now recovering. I think nursing is taking everything out of me! So fun to see you and family and finally meet Harper!! What a cutie!!

  3. Those cheeks are just amazing! They look so kissable!

  4. I miss cuddling your baby! She's super cute