Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring at the Zoo

A bunch of us headed to the zoo a few weeks ago when the weather turned amazing and between all 5 of us, we had 9 kids in tow. 

Watching the cows and alpacas
Hadleigh LOVES her hat that Taryn used to wear. Every time we go outside she asks to wear her "Hat!"

Looking at the mini donkeys. Taryn is on the far right. 

We had strollers galore and that uphill hike when we were done wasn't easy, especially for Ali (green pants) who had her three kids (4, 2, 6 weeks) to get up. Taryn rode on my shoulders while I pushed Hadleigh up in our stroller. It was a work out! But totally worth it! 

And speaking of Spring! We had the most beautiful little tulips and daffodils blooming in our front yard. No thanks to me, they were planted by the previous tenant. We just get to take in all their beautiful after all their hard work ;) Our tulips were deep orange and red and the ones below bloomed up the street. We spotted them on one of our walks and loved them!

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