Sunday, May 24, 2015

Frying Pan Park - little farm

A few weeks ago we headed far out of Frying Pan Park to experience this little farm for the first time. There really is nothing better than meeting a bunch of friends, eating a picnic lunch together and enjoying some great conversation as your children play nicely together. These kids really knew how to take full advantage of the wide open spaces to play in. I just smiled watching them all play and run around together. 

Hadleigh spent her time in this one spot (above) watching a "dow" or cow (it was really a black and white horse!!!!) and saying it's name/sound every few seconds. All the kids ran all around her but she stayed put and watched the "dow"

We decided that there was nothing cuter than these baby pigs!! Taryn asked if we could take one home! And I have to admit, I totally felt bad for the mama pig nursing all those little once. I was in pain for her!

Taryn wants to know everything about anything so I'm answering questions all the time. It's been really interested to see life through her eyes this way. Her innocence is amazing and refreshing. She is oh so kind to others and I learn a lot from her.

This was a spot we chose to picnic. The kids climbed onto the fence to watch the passing cars and trucks. Some nice trucker honked his horn and totally made their' day!

Hadleigh and Taryn both tried feeding these itty bitty baby goats some grass. This little guys were so curious and adorable. But they never wanted the grass offered to them. 

These silly girls and their crazy faces! I think Hadleigh is catching on….everytime Mom pulls out her camera or phone, make a crazy face! I'm pretty sure Taryn must have taught her that ;)

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