Sunday, May 10, 2015

I have the best friends!

Hadleigh loves "shooting the ball" into the hoop at Lynne's and during Nursery on Sunday.

Life is always busy right? And those moments of quiet and still and peace last only for so long but maybe that's why we enjoy them and remember them so well, because we don't get them very often. 

 My friends have really been there for me as we've swapped babysitting recently. We're trying really hard to get Hadleigh on a good page of "momma leaving." She's doing ok.  We're working on it full steam ahead!

Below are some cute shots that my friend Lynne took of the kids on their playmate. I love having good friends and love when our kids can play together so well. 

Logan just cracks me up!! He is such a character!!!

Those two kids never stop moving! And Hadleigh is happy to "parallel play."
Thanks to all my friends and family (Brittany & Seth!) who watch our girls from time to time. 
These are such great kids. I realize more and more each day how fast they are growing, learning, and developing their personalities. 

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