Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time with Grandmas

At the hospital after Hadleigh was born with Grandma Scott

Matching outfits from Grandma Smith

Getting things done with a sleeping babe.

We were so lucky to have had Grandma Scott and Grandma Smith visit during the month of October. They were both incredibly helpful!!! 
My mom lives in CA and Tyson's mom lives in AZ so both of them came from across the country to be with us and we are so grateful for that! I felt like I was able to give special attention to Taryn knowing that Hadleigh was in the loving arms of her Grandma and I was able to get a lot done around the house.  While I was in the hospital having Hadleigh, Tyson and I didn't have to worry about Taryn because she was with Grandma.  At other times I was able to take Taryn to the park and let Hadleigh stay inside nice and warm with Grandma. They did such a great service to me as I adjusted (and continue to adjust) to having two kids.

 Dinner time remains to be the most chaotic time of the day with two cranky & hungry kids that need my attention and dinner to be prepared while tyson makes his way home from work. I feel like despite my efforts, I end up with at least one crying babe by the time dinner is on the table. While our moms were visiting, I felt like I could tackle that time of day a bit better and fine tune its workings for the time when I would once again have to battle it alone. It's not perfect, but I'm learning every day how to do it all a bit better.
Thanks to both Grandmas!!!!

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