Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blessing Hadleigh on Sunday

Tyson blessed Hadleigh at church this past Sunday and everything about the day was beautiful. It was a chilly/windy fall day. Hadleigh was calm during the blessing which I always worry about. She looked like a little doll in her blessing dress and I was reminded just how tiny she really is as the dress hung from her little body.  

We were so glad to have Tyson's mom here for the baby blessing. Tyson and I kept feeling so grateful that we changed our plans for the next few months and were able to bless Hadeigh here while we're living in Virginia. It's amazing how unpredictable life can be and though you may not know why, some events happen and things seem to always turn out better even when it's not exactly what you had planned or expected.

I never realized how much Brittany and I look alike!
 It's so great to have a sister living so close!!

My pretty girl

Hadleigh's blessing dress was a gift from Grandma Scott and the blanket she is on is a handmade gift from Grandma Smith. 
Hadleigh is one lucky girl!!

 And big sister wanted to get a picture with her sister too!

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  1. What a great day. I am so glad that you had some family there with you. I love Hadleigh's dress and Grandma's afghans are the best! You look great!