Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eastern market with Grandma

We started off our morning right with donuts and crepes from the Eastern Market in D.C. before taking Grandma to the airport a few weeks ago. We were so sad that we didn't have enough time to try Market Lunch breakfast and our bellies were rumbling. Man! You know it's amazing when the line wraps around forever. One of these days we will get to try those blueberry buckwheat pancakes. We loved having Grandma Smith with us and we are so grateful for all her help!
The leaves have almost all fallen from the trees but the Christmas decorations are already going up so the streets don't look so bare. Last night for our Family Night we made turkeys by tracing our hands and for each finger or "feather" we wrote what we were grateful for. Taryn was all for this little art project and made sure to help Tyson and me complete ours. Now when she heads out the door she counts them each time. 
I'm sure grateful for a whole lot this year!