Thursday, November 1, 2012

Her first Halloween in America

 Trunk of Treat. I remembered my camera here!

Cider, donuts, treats and costumes. Yum! 
I'll tell you what, some of the kids I saw dressed up were just too cute!
By the end of the night, she mastered the phrase "Trick or Treat" which she cut down to save time and move on to others to "Treat!" Get to the point. 
That's what we should all do right?

Do I really need to admit that I left my camera (battery almost dead) at home last night? Oh boy. No pictures of Daddy with his little elephant.
That's ok, because I probably would have been to distracted snapping pictures instead of enjoying a great dinner (and very entertaining little ones) with our good friends. 

I'm glad Taryn had multiple excuses to wear her costume over and over again. Next year, I think I will have her wear her costume all day on Halloween.  
To the grocery store.
 To the park.
On walks.
It's just way more fun that way

Taryn was the happiest little elephant and will be happy to tell you what sound the elephant makes.

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  1. Darling! What fun times. I'm so glad Taryn enjoyed her firt Halloween in the US. I can't wait to hear her make her elephant sound.