Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012, "Friendsgiving"

 I was nervous to prepare my first turkey for not only my little family but two other families! I combined different methods of turkey preparations and roasting and the finished product turned out beautiful and very yummy!

Peter craved his very first turkey thanks to the help of YouTube and Tyson- his rewind, pause, and play assistant. 

Being inside forever was very hard on Taryn. There was much to be done for the dinner so Tyson came to the rescue and was Super Dad as he tended to Taryn, took her to a nearby park for hours, played outside the condo with her and kept her entertained with various building blocks, games, and some Curious George netflix.

It was a combined effort to decorate the table. I brought my table cloth, cloth napkins, and decorative balls. I remembered from years past that we used fresh fall leaves on the table and they looked beautiful inside Ashley's Charleston Dish (I love that we both have one!). Ashley prepared place cards and had cute napkins to use along with her beautiful tableware. It's amazing to me how much we were able to do once we combined our "things."

Everything was delicious and we continued to eat again and again through the night and the next day. Thanksgiving wouldn't be right without a little game action either. We learned to play Bohnanza and loved it.
Such a successful, flavorful dinner!

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  1. Did you brine the turkey? My husband did that and it was awesome. (He is the cook in our house)!